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Graphic Display Covers

Flame Resistant Fabrics for MeshPanels Graphic Display Covers Drapery and Curtains

Custom Flame Resistant Fabrics

We offer Certified Flame Restistant Fabrics in a range of colors and textures. All of our fabrics are chosen for a strong ability to "self-heal" after the use of drapery pins, allowing the fibers to return to their original shape for years of use.

Please call us for free samples so you can see and feel the variations and choose the fabric that showcases your artwork the best.

Please note:

Due to continuing issues with the quality of fabrics produced overseas, we are in the process of securing US made fabrics for the production of our panel covers and other fabric products.

At this time we are selling down our remaining stock of current fabrics. Please be aware that these fabrics are available on a limited basis and may not be restocked.

As new fabrics become available they will be added to our selection online. Thank you for your understanding as we make this transition to all US produced goods.

Flame Resistant Fabric Samples

Please call for free fabric samples (800-296-0049).

Due to variations in screen colors, we strongly suggest that you request physical samples before ordering fabric products.
All fabrics are Certified Flame Resistant. Flame resistance is permanant and all fabrics are machine washable. 100% polyester fiber


Pearl Sand Pebble Fawn Garnet
Out of Stock Out of Stock



Pearl Grey Charcoal Pearl Black
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Royal Off White Black Cream



White Black Espresso Chocolate Sage

Graphic Display Panel Covers

Made to fit the Graphic Display System, our flame resistant covers slip easily over the top of the metal gridwalls and accomodate panel connectors. Covers are available for all sizes and types of Graphic Display Panels and in all of our available fabric choices ( above ).

Please call with dimensions
for price quote

Sample Pricing
per 3x6 Display Cover

Poplin Fabric $50
Crepe Fabric $52
Galaxy Fabric $52
Oxford Fabric $53

Visit Graphic Display Sytems at or at 800-848-3020

At Flourish, we pride ourselves on our customer service and every TrimLine product we sell is backed with our commitment to help you show your work in the most secure, professional environment available.