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Mesh Panels - the perfect solution for the Exhibiting Artist

TrimLine with MeshPanel Softwalls Detail of Trimline with MeshPanel Softwalls MeshPanel Softwalls on an EZ-Up Canopy

Introducing: New - MeshPanel SoftWalls

  • Black Mesh by customer request
  • Black Fabric Backing provides greater opacity
  • Convenient and Lightweight - same Standard Features as our white MeshPanels
  • Three Panel Set for Trimline - $750 (Note: also requires TrimLine StaBar kit)
  • Three Panel Set for EZ-Ups - $765 (Note: also requires EZ-Up StaBar Kit)
  • Single Mesh Panel for Trimline - $250
  • Single Mesh Panel for EZ-Ups - $255


We developed MeshPanel Softwalls in order to meet our customers' requests for our popular MeshPanel Display Walls in the color black.


We had experimented with varous designs over the years but kept coming up with the problem of the black mesh appearing very transparent compared to our white mesh.


Accordingly, we've added a black fabric backing to increase the opacity of the Softwalls while still retaining the lightweight and compact features of the MeshPanel system.


TrimLine with Mesh PanelsEZ Up Mesh Panels

MeshPanel Standard Features

  • Flexible woven Mesh attaches to your outdoor canopy or to an Indoor Booth Frame
  • 180 square ft of display space (3-wall set-up)
  • Light Weight (three 10 x 7 panels weigh 23 lbs.)
  • Compact for Transport
  • Easy one person setup
  • Certified flame resistant - NFPA 701 (certificate included)
  • Heavy Duty carry bag included with 3-panel set
  • Three Panel Set for Trimline - $630 (includes Stabar kit)
  • Three Panel Set for EZ up - $655 (includes Stabar kit)
  • Single Mesh Panel for Trimline - $217 (includes single Stabar)
  • Single Mesh Panel for EZ up - $231 (includes single Stabar)
TrimLine Canopies in the Trenches

Greg Gallagher

tl_with_French Wall

Chris Ogden

TrimLine Canopies in the Trenches

Michael Reimer

Folded Mesh Panel

Mesh Detail

Mesh Panel Bag
Folded Mesh Panel Mesh Close Up Mesh Panel Bag Included
with Set of Three Panels

Mesh Panels For Schools

We have created a separate website dedicated to Mesh Panels used in schools and other public spaces. Come see us at