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TrimLine Canopy - Unmatched Stability and Versatility

TrimLine 10 x10 10 x 15 TrimLine 15ft Wide 10 x 20 TrimLine Canopy
TrimLine 10 x 10 - $895

TrimLine 10 x 15 - $1485
(Includes StaBar Kit)
TrimLine 10 x 20 - $1595
(Includes StaBar Kit)

TrimLine Standard Features

  • Certified Flame Resistant - NFPA 701 and State of California
  • Unmatched weather protection - protects you and your artwork
  • Snap Together Steel Frame - 7 ft. wall height standard - Taller options available
  • Completely encloseable - Full featured fitted roof and full set of sidewalls included
  • 60" Wide Skylight for even lighting of your artwork
  • Heat and wind vents on both gable ends
  • Anchoring Kit included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Set-up Demo video included
Canopy Pole

Snap-together Steel Frame

  • 7 ft. wall height standard - Taller options available
  • Free-standing (no guy ropes)
  • Maximum pole length 5-ft (pole sections snap together)
  • Non-breakable PVC plastic rafters (they store flat)
  • Height fully adjustable, set up on level or un-level surfaces
TrimLine 10 x 15 Fully Enclosed

White Vinyl Roof and Sidewalls

  • Tough, durable, rip-stop and waterproof
  • 11 oz. vinyl for years of use
  • Built-in Flame-resistance (you get an official certificate)
  • Marine grade #10 zippers
TrimLine Top

60" Wide Skylight

  • Frosty-clear (not window-clear)
  • 60" wide (bright, even illumination)
  • Built-in UV-light inhibitor (won't fade colors of your work)

Complete Set of Sidewalls Included

  • Complete enclosure - 4 sidewalls included with 10x10 Trimline, 6 sidewalls with 10x15 or 10x20
  • Walls zip to the roof and zip to each other (big #10 marine grade zippers)
  • Wind straps on both sides of each wall (use to fasten walls securely to legs when one or more walls are removed)
  • Roll-up straps with snap closures (sides can be removed entirely or rolled up for ready access)
TrimLine Vent

Heat and Wind Vents

  • Minimize hot air buildup under the roof
  • Release wind pressure from underneath the top
  • Roll up covers (open from outside or inside)



Tiedown Screws and Spikes

Anchoring Kit

  • Two 16" Spiral Tie-down Screws
  • Four 10" Steel Tent Spikes
  • 10x15 and 10x20 TrimLines come with extra screws and spikes
  • * See our Great Weights for anchoring on hard surfaces